Gary Clark            Scott Barclay           Derek Black                 Steve Stirton               Chris Allan

                                             (Coach)                  (Coach)                 (Equipment)                     (Captain)                    (Captain)

Gary Clark

Gary is a Solicitor and is employed by the Univeristy of Dundee.  He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Dundee Ice Arena.  Since taking over the coaching of HFA four years ago, Gary has achieved his Level 2 coaching qualification and also coaches Dundee Stars Junior Development.

Scott Barclay

Scott has been attending HFA since its inception over 10 years ago and has been assistant coach for two years.  He is a Parts Manager for Peter Vardy in Kirkcaldy.  Scott regularly officiates the clock and penalties at Dundee Tigers and Dundee Comets matches held  at Dundee Ice Arena.      

Derek Black

Although listed as being responsible for Equipment, Derek is also HFA's official professional photographer.  His photos of the action at Dundee Stars home games are regularly used in the Evening Telegraph.  Derek has been attending HFA for around 4 years.  See some of Derek's photos here.       

Steve Stirton

Steve is the Commercial & Sponsorship Manager for the Dundee CCS Stars and has been attending HFA for around 4 years.  He is the Captain of the HFA Red Team and he keeps all red members in check.  Steve also decides on the line-ups for the end of training scrimmages.

Chris Allan

No hockey team would be complete without their resident Cannuck and Chris fulfils this role admirably.  Chris is employed by the University of Dundee and is involved in research within the Life Sciences Department.  Like Steve, Chris is the Captain of the Black Team and can regulary be heard barking his commands in his best Canadian accent....for sure!